Teeth Whitening

Get Sparkling and White Teeth with NYDC Dubai

Do you long for a bright and sparkling smile?

Are you looking for Teeth whitening? NYDC Dubai believes that a smile can change the world. Your smile is the first thing people observe when you approach them. So, you got to keep it immaculate.

With time, your teeth get discolored from food and drinks that you consume. We, at NYDC Dubai, will help you to get a smile that will accentuate your facial aesthetics. This, in turn, will uplift your self-confidence and transform your personality.

Factors that Cause Yellowing of Teeth

  • Diet including soda, coffee, tea
  • Smoking
  • Age
  • Genetics

At NYDC, we offer in-office whitening and other whitening techniques based on individual requirements. Being performed by our trained professionals, it is most effective, safe, fast, comfortable, and affordable.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening Help You?

A simple sitting will get you the smile that you desire. Thousands of people around the world enjoy more youthful smile because of teeth whitening. It;

  • Whitens and brightens your smile
  • Safe, immediate, and effective result
  • Up to eight shades whiter teeth
  • Doesn’t remove tooth surface
  • Long-established results

How can cosmetic dentistry in Dubai Help You?

We a use teeth whitening system that is safe and you can get the results.

We start the process by applying a gel on your teeth that work on the stains. Our dentists if required, can expose them to Blue Spectrum LED gleam, which matches the wavelength of the gel applied. This is primarily for speeding up the process of whitening. It will give a more enhanced result for a brighter smile.

However, we do a dental check-up before the process of teeth whitening to ascertain that you are a suitable candidate to get the best result, hygiene is essential for dental care before the appointment to whiten your teeth. NYDC will keep your teeth and smile looking the best.

How long is the treatment going to last?

It is something that ultimately comes down to you. Better stay away from things that can stain your teeth. Maintain a good oral hygiene routine. This oral hygiene and effective treatment will last longer.

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized solutions to provide you the amount of whitening you need
  • Cutting edge whitening technologies
  • Treatment by expert and experienced dentists
  • Top quality products
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