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Say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to a healthy, exceptional smile, today.

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At NYDC we specialize in minimaly invasive dentistry,
offering cutting edge treatments, that preserve your natural teeth,
while giving you the awe worthy
smile you deserve.

What We Have
Katerina's NYDC Journey

Changing Smiles, Changing Lives.

We helped Katerina achieve the smile of her dreams, guiding her through a truly remarkable dental journey. Discover the details of this transformative experience below.

Our Happy Clients

I believe that within each person lies a million dollar smile.

Dr. Ajay Juneja is a globally recognized aesthetic
dentistry expert, He is passionate about
contemporary dentistry, and finds joy in
collecting watches, shoes, and unique fountain
pens while cherishing moments with his family.

Lifelong Dental Wellness, Assured.

Trust us to transform your smile with expert care and compassion.
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