Our mission is to provide “responsible dentistry which is of the highest standard”.

We are an award winning Dental Team with opinion leaders in Smile Design and Interdisciplinary Dentistry for more than 20 years. A practice which focuses on your comfort and firmly believes in treating their clients with upmost compassion.

Dental Photography

To allow for correct diagnosis and treatment plans, before and after photos are taken of all our adult patients in our photography studio.

From the photographs taken, and clinical exam, we are able to diagnose,  and plan the correct treatment suited for all of our patient needs. This improves the efficiency of our work and treatment predictability.

We also use Intra oral cameras in our surgeries to allow us to identify problem areas and show our patients a captured visual image. The images provide better visualization, and the treatment proposed.

Digital x-rays and panoramic imaging

Digital x-rays minimize our patients to dental radiation while providing us with the vital digital information required to diagnose cavities, bone loss, failed fillings, and abscesses. This information is vital for proposed treatment planning in restorative , endodontics and implant placement.

CT Scan

The 3D scan is vital in diagnosing, planning and treating any surgical treatments, including extractions, surgery and dental implants.  The images provides cross sections to determine bone density, volume and any dental anomalies and positions.


We use the highest quality personalized magnification to optimize the best results during clinical procedures. Magnification increases our operating field with increased precision and minimal preparation.


The Wand

This is a computer assisted system that we use for the painless administering of local anesthesia for a single tooth without the numbness of the whole mouth and post treatment discomfort.