Tooth Extraction


The main goal of a dentist is to preserve your teeth and give it a long and healthy dental life. If you ever face damage to your tooth due to any reason, the priority of the dentist is to treat the damaged part and recover the remaining tooth or use a crown or a restoration. However, in some severe cases where the tooth is severely damaged, and there is no option of filling, the dentist recommends the extraction of the tooth.

We at the NYDC-dental care clinic in Dubai perform this

extraction in the shortest amount of time with the most precision. Some common reasons for tooth removal include:

  • Existence of an extra tooth that is blocking the way of another tooth growing beneath.
  • Baby teeth usually come out automatically after a certain age. However, in rare cases, they have to be extracted by the dentist to make space for the adult tooth.
  • Teeth may also be extracted when placing braces to align the remaining teeth properly.
  • The most common reason for tooth extraction is the pain caused by wisdom teeth. In such cases, the wisdom tooth is stuck under the gum or gets infected, causing a lot of pain.
  • Semi damaged teeth can also be extracted in cases where the remaining teeth cannot be fixed.

With the latest technology, computerized anesthesia, gentle handling of tissues the procedure has become faster, as it only takes a few minutes and removes the teeth without much discomfort.

Your pathway to a bright new smile with Dental Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai

To ensure that the cosmetic dentistry procedure of tooth extraction as painless as possible for the patient, a range of x Rays and scans are taken to make sure that the procedure has been planned correctly. Tooth extraction is basically of two types.

Simple extractions: This is the simple process of extraction where the tooth is made loose from the roots and then extracted with forceps.

Surgical extraction: When a simple extraction cannot be performed for reasons such as complex tooth or bone anatomy or to preserve bone which might be needed for implant placement in replacement of that tooth, the dentist makes a surgical cut and extracts the tooth that is damaged.

In case, you need a tooth extracted, then look no further than NYDC. With the latest equipment and expert dentist in our team, we will make sure to give you the best oral health for a lifetime.

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