Veneers and Smile Makeover- Changing Smiles and Changing Lives

Get the Perfect Smile with Porcelain Veneers with NYDC Dubai

Are you looking for an attractive smile? Do you get embarrassed to smile in public because you have imperfect teeth? Veneers might be the answer to all your dental problems.

Correcting the flaws in your teeth can have a life-changing effect. The dental experts at NYDC Dubai are here to help you

out. With the help of experienced, award-winning dentists and the latest technology, we can help you to reshape, whiten, and fill-up the gaps in your teeth.

NYDC –dental clinic in Dubai offers distinguished service through honest, personalizes, informed, and ethical care. We aim to provide you with multi-disciplinary, high-quality, and affordable procedures and services. We, at NYDC, believe that you deserve world-class dental care.

Get the smile everyone appreciates with our cosmetic dentistry clinic in Dubai.

Veneers give a new look to the teeth and can change your smiling specifics. The ultra-thin laminates of porcelain veneers are placed on the front exterior of the teeth to give you a natural and younger-looking smile. We use veneers to improve the shape, size, position, and the color of your teeth. The dentist at NYDC Dubai works side by side some of the best ceramists in the world to make sure that you get the smile that you love and appreciate.

How can Veneers Change Your Smile?

Here’s how a simple procedure of dental veneer can get you the smile that you had been longing for. It can work on,

  • Worn or fractured teeth
  • Irregularly shaped or crooked teeth
  • Teeth discoloration that is indifferent to whitening
  • Minor alignment problem
  • Gaps in between teeth

How can you get a digital smile design with NYDC?

  • We will have an initial consult with study models and photos to customize a smile best suited to you. When the consultation is done, a 3d design is made to create a replica of your final desired smile. Additionally, we can carry out a mockup from the 3D Design, which can be transferred as a simulation for the outcome.
  • Our experts can stimulate the ultimate result using digital smile design as well.
  • Once accepted an appointment which will involve shaping or modifying the teeth minimally will be made with all efforts made to preserve healthy tissues. This not only protects your teeth but also ensures the most predictable bonding where if veneers are cemented and are well-taken care for at least 15 years. The minimal modification also offers no sensitivity of teeth to hot or cold for times to come. In the final session, after a few days, you will be tested and fitted with the new veneers. Make some necessary adjustments, and the veneers are going to be bonded to the teeth.

Why choose us for the veneer procedure?

  1. We are a team that has won awards and dentists from around the world come to learn about veneers and other aesthetic procedures.
  2. With two decades of experience, we perform the most effective and sought after dental cosmetic dentistry treatment to improve smiles in our clinic regularly.
  3. NYDC Dubai is aware that no two person’s veneer style is alike, and thus, we develop individual veneers to fit you perfectly.
  4. We use only top quality and international standard material and the best laboratories to make sure that your desired veneer procedure is perfect.
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