Root Canal Treatment

A root canal refers to natural space or cavity within the tooth’s center. The pulp chamber offers nutrients to the tooth wherein also are the nerves of the tooth, if this area of the tooth is infected as a result of caries or trauma, it can lead to an infection accompanied with pain. To keep your tooth asymptomatic and eliminate the disease, we perform the root canal treatment. At NYDC Dubai, we perform root canal treatments with utmost precision to save the damaged tooth.

What is Root Canal?

The pulp is tissue inside your tooth, which is known as dentin and soft tissue. It contains blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. The pulp then extends from the tooth’s crown to the root’s tip where it is attached to the fabric which surrounds the root. The pulp is a significant aspect during the development and growth of the tooth. As the tooth reaches its matured stage, it will be able to survive without the pulp as it keeps getting nourishment from the tissues that surround it.

When do you need Root Canal Treatment?

You can consider getting a root canal treatment due to:

  • Tooth injury
  • Accumulated and untreated tooth decays
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Bruxism
  • Acute pain
  • tenderness taking part in daily activities like chewing

What Makes NYDC Different than other cosmetic dentistry clinics in Dubai?

We use the state-of-art and latest technology to perform root canal treatments.

Our latest technology helps in getting access to even the most difficult angles in your teeth, jaw, and mouth. Our experts use magnification for all endodontic procedures. This, in turn, helps us to treat you better.

Our cosmetic dental surgery in Dubai helps you:- 

We will examine your teeth to find out the extent of tooth decay and if you need a root canal or not. In case you do, our root canal experts will provide you with the best dental treatment, so that you can enjoy high-quality life. We diagnose and cure the infection before it can become worse.

Our dentists will provide local anesthesia for the procedure. After that, the bacteria or the infection will be removed from the root canal. When the process is over, we will shape and clean the interior of your teeth. Finally, we will restore it using a crown or a bonded restoration depending on the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. NYDC Dubai specializes in endodontic treatments in Dubai.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a team of specialized dentists to offer you the best cosmetic dentistry procedures.
  • Our experts use the latest dental practices and advanced facilities to treat you.
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