Do you want perfectly straight teeth

NYDC Dubai is here to help you get the ideal set of teeth through orthodontic treatment and the best cosmetic dentistry in Dubai.

Not everyone is blessed to be born with a straight-set of teeth. Misaligned or crooked teeth can make you self-conscious. It can cause you to develop low-self-esteem and be embarrassed to talk to someone. We, at NYDC Dubai, offer our patients an array of orthodontic treatments to ensure that your smile is always bright.

Cosmetic Dentistry for crooked teeth in Children & Adults

Children with orthodontic problems are recommended to see an orthodontist when identified. Issues such as an underdeveloped jaw require early intervention. As the therapy progresses into the second stage, the permanent teeth erupt. Irrespective of the age of your child, we assure you that he or she is going to receive the best treatment.

When it comes to adults, the augmented awareness of the advantages of having a beautiful smile has created the need for orthodontics. Since adults are no longer growing, our approach is different than that with children. Our expert orthodontics plans the Cosmetic Dentistry treatment after offering various options on the basis of the dental problem.

Treatment Options We Offer

We offer a lot of treatment options to give you a smile that you deserve. Our orthodontics can work on your crooked or crowded teeth. We understand that correcting a bad bite or inadequately aligned teeth are necessary not just for aesthetic reasons for good oral health and function.

  • Invisalign– In this case, we use invisible aligners for your teeth. These are customized and will work gradually to shift the teeth in place. With this, there is no need to tighten the wires or metal brackets. You can remove it whenever you want. No need to change your lifestyle when you put them on.
  • Incognito Lingual Braces– If you are ashamed to put on braces, this is just the perfect treatment for you. We apply the braces at the back of the teeth. Being customized by our experts, the brackets and the intelligent wires deliver an individualized result that you desire. The treatment is applicable for children, as well as adults.
  • Damon Braces– In case you want something which aligns with your busy life, Damon Braces are what you need. We design it to be comfortable, discreet, and easy to maintain. It is held in place by brackets and doesn’t require metal ties or elastics. You can enjoy the freedom of movement and don’t have to worry about tightening it.
  • Ceramic Braces– This is the most preferred choice. We make this out of durable composite materials and make sure that it matches the color of your teeth. The metal wires deliver a gentle but constant force to move the teeth in place.
  • Metal Braces– If you want a traditional treatment option, we provide you that, too. Stainless steel brackets are used to make these braces. It is affordable than the rest, and you choose from an array of ligature colors.
  • Myobrace: This is the just what you need to correct the alignment and natural growth of your kid’s teeth. The treatment works on the lower and upper jaw development. With Myobrace, your child can have straight teeth for life.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Dental Clinic in Dubai uses the latest technology for orthodontic treatment.
  • Our clinic offers excellent patient care. and a comfortable environment for children and adults
  • Wide range of treatment options for every tooth problem.
  • All our treatment options are budgeted and thus affordable.
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