Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a delicate matter that can severely affect and change your facial expressions. But in the hands of an expert, the procedure can become easy and convenient.

At NYDC, our team of experts has put together their experience and advance technical equipment together, to provide you the best experience in oral surgery. We provide the highest surgical care and other cosmetic dentistry treatments for various situations such as infections, disease, implants, accident damage, and facial structure. With all-round care and proper follow-ups with patients, we make sure that the cure lasts long without any future problems.

We have a team of trained dentists in oral surgery that handles cases requiring surgery with utmost confidence. There can be several situations that require dental cosmetic dentistry:

  • The infection of a tooth, teeth or gums can be very harmful in cases where the dentist is not consulted in time. The unattended lesion can infect the root of supporting tooth structures and even the gum tissues thereby cause a bigger problem. In such cases, oral surgery is the best option to treat the infection permanently.
  • There are certain conditions where the tooth structure of the entire jawline cannot be fixed without surgery. Consult a doctor immediately for all the available options.
  • Many celebrities and people often opt for surgery not due to a problem, but to improve their facial appearance

Great teeth, great smile, fabulous life- with best cosmetic dentistry services

Most people are afraid of the term surgery, which often makes them avoid dental procedures even though it is necessary in their case. NYDC understands the concern of everyone and can assure that the methods and equipment at our centers have been designed to make the process simple and convenient for the patient. Our staff has years of experience that make them perfect at their job. They handle the surgeries with the utmost care and make sure that the patient goes through least or no pain.

There are a lot of things that an oral surgeon has to take care of before the surgery. He will take all the necessary scan and X-rays to make sure that he has the right picture of the current dental situation once it is done. Our surgeons start preparing for the procedure while taking care of everything needed for it.

There are multiple things that an Oral Surgeon does.

  • Evaluate the condition of the patient and plan a course of action.
  • Treat injuries to face, mouth, teeth, and jaws and reconstruct the necessary bone area.
  • Performing surgeries to improve facial joints and enhance facial appearance.
  • Diagnose the patient of any disease related to his teeth or surrounding area.

Modern dentistry with gentle care.

We at NYDC – clinic for cosmetic dentistry assure you that once you give us the responsibility to provide you the best available treatment for your oral health. We will make sure that every effort has been made to offer you a seamless and convenient procedure. Consult our team now to get a recommendation about your oral health.

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