Gum Treatment

Periodontal or Gum disease is a condition where the area surrounding the tooth is infected by bacteria caused due to plaque or other pathological entities. It breaks down the supporting tissue below the gum lines, causing swelling and redness with pain. In this case, gum treatment is essential before the damage increases. The process removes any bacteria and plaque to rebuild the supporting tissue around the tooth. The dentist may follow different kinds of approaches depending on the type and severity of the infection.

There are multiple reasons why gum problems can develop. The most common reason for gum disease is attention to lack of oral hygiene, where lack of attention to your oral health can cause gum tissues. Other reasons include cigarettes and alcohol, Ill-fitting bridges and chronic diseases like diabetes may also contribute to the purposes of such problems.

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If you have any such problems, then you need to recognize the symptoms and immediately contact our expert dental cosmetic dentistry at NYDC. Symptoms may include redness and swelling in your gums. Difficulties in chewing, pain, puss, and pocket between the gums will be easily visible initial symptoms. You might also notice the separation between teeth and bad breath issues. Gum problems are primarily of two forms, Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Gingivitis is the first condition where bacteria build up in the surrounding area of the teeth. The buildup causes swollen gums and redness, which often leads to bleeding. Maintaining poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of the infection.

If Gingivitis is not treated correctly or ignored in the early stages, it turns to Periodontitis. It is the advanced stage of Gingivitis where infection erodes the supporting structures. In this stage, the gums become loose and lead to severe damage to teeth.

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To prevent such conditions, our dentist at NYDC – clinic for cosmetic dentistry recommends to brush and floss regularly and uses an antiseptic mouthwash. Also, you need to maintain good oral health by regularly visiting your dentist. Maintain a healthy diet that supports the growth and health of gums and change the brush every three months. Do not use a hard bristles brush, or it can affect your gums while brushing. Avoid the intake of alcohol and cigarettes, which is one of the primary reasons behind this problem. Keep a check on your sugar intake as a regular intake of sweet products can accumulate and help in the growth of bacteria. Following such simple prevention steps can avoid significant problems in the future and promote a healthy life for your gums and teeth.

Following some simple prevention can keep your gums healthy for a lifetime. If you ever face an issue or want some good recommendations about your gum health, you can visit us at NYDC, the cosmetic dentistry clinic in Dubai center and talk to our experts. Our team will guide you with valuable suggestions that can help you stay healthy and maintain your perfect smile.


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