Dental Implants

Get Dental Implant with trained dentists at NYDC Dubai

Are you missing a tooth? Do you want to replace it because you are embarrassed to smile in public? You have come to the right place.

The benefit of replacing a missing tooth extends beyond having just a pretty smile. We, at NYDC, make sure that the dental implants give you an improved appearance, better self-confidence, and a higher level of comfort. We believe Implantology is a better solution when it comes to tooth loss. Improve Your Quality of Life and Self Esteem with Dental Implants

You can consider getting dental implants in the below mentioned scenarios:

  • If you are thinking to replace a missing tooth
  • If you want to preserve the natural bone structure
  • Increase the aesthetics of your face
  • Prevent shrinkage and progressive bone atrophy

What’s great about dental implants in cosmetic dentistry? It doesn’t compromise the adjacent teeth and helps in maintaining your dental structure.

Enjoy Your New Smile in One Day with Our Same-Day Implants

Patients often shy away from dental implants thinking the procedure is going to take months. However, our advanced technology helps you to get same-day dental implants. Our experts can replace 1 or a complete set of teeth in a day.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai uses computer-guided technology and 3D imaging for this treatment.

How can We Help You?

With same-day dental implants in Dubai, you will enjoy excellent benefits like,

  • Brand new smile in just one appointment
  • Reduced postoperative bruising, swelling, and pain.
  • Predictable and precise implant placement
  • Faster healing
  • Higher Success Rate

Treatments We Offer

We offer different dental implants treatment for your benefit.

  • 3D Guided Implant Surgery: It is the insertion of a dental implant that is three-dimensionally guided when the surgical procedure is in progress. With this process, our patients can enjoy predictable and precise dental implants. The method doesn’t always require soft tissue incision. Thus, you do not incur the risk of damaging healthy tissue. The treatment has a faster healing time.
  • All-on-4: We use this technique to support the whole upper and lower set of teeth. Four tilted dental implants are used for this treatment. A large number of our patients prefer this minimally invasive surgery. If you are missing one or a couple of teeth, we will offer you full-arch prosthesis. It is ideal for patients who don’t have sufficient bone mass for supporting conventional dental implants.
  • All-on-6: This technique involves strategic and precise placement of implants in the lower and upper jaw with 3D Guided Surgery to support teeth arch. Our patients opt for this because it is minimally invasive and reduces chair time. With this, you can start using your teeth immediately after the surgery. Patients with partial or complete edentulous having sparse bone density should opt for this treatment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our certified team of dentists has extensive experience in offering dental implants.
  • Best techniques to deliver our patients with the best results.
  • Increased accuracy and speedy recovery.
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