Placing a crown over a damaged tooth is one of the most effective ways to make the appearance of your teeth better. Crowns act as a cover or cap over a damaged tooth. When a tooth gets damaged, cracked, or weak over time due to any reason, the dentist removes the damaged part, if necessary and place a crown over it. The procedure for placing a cap or crown over the damaged tooth is straightforward and painless.

The process requires at least two sessions. During the first session, the dentist removes the damaged tooth. Further creates an impression to place the crown. The tooth is shaped in a way so the crown can fit perfectly. During the second session, the crown is provided over the damaged tooth. , it looks similar to a natural tooth due to the matching color.

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Before the crown is placed, the dentist takes an X-Ray to check the existing condition of the tooth. If the tooth is decayed to the root or the damage leads to insufficient space to place a crown, a filling material may be used to create a structure of the tooth, to later place the crown.

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Earlier, crowns were created in a way that they looked like natural teeth and cannot be differentiated in any way. Now crowns are made from stainless steel, ceramic, acrylic, gold and metal alloys. The crowns are permanently fixed to the dental structure and are not removable. It can only be removed with the expertise of a dentist. In the hands of an expert NYDC dentist, the procedure is done in the shortest period.

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Crowns can quickly improve the damaged tooth structure and enhance appearance and alignment. Crowns do not require much care unless you are maintaining oral hygiene regularly. With proper care, it can easily last a lifetime. However, if you ever face an infection or gum problem, it can affect the cap. In this case, you should immediately visit a dentist.

We at NYDC – Dubai suggest you to a crown placed in the below scenarios.

  • Protect a weak tooth from cracks and holding it together
  • To restore a damaged tooth
  • when the tooth is damaged and needs filling.
  • To attach a dental bridge
  • To improve the look of your jawline and smile.
  • Cover a poorly shaped and discolored tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has gone through the procedure of Root Canal.

To get the best recommendation, visit us for cosmetic dentistry services. With our expertise, the procedure will be less time consuming and painless. As per our patients, our method is the most advanced and requires very less effort. Our process does not require you to maintain and take care of your crown for a long time. With proper dental check-ups regularly, your tooth crown will last you a lifetime.

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